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Meet Ronald J. Briggs, Jr., FIC™, CRPC™

Ron Briggs, a 36-year industry veteran, founded Caitlin John Private Wealth Management in 2010. The inspiration and namesake of Caitlin John was conceived from Ron and his wife Kristin’s two children’s middle names. The vision then was to build a fiduciary-based advisory firm to continue serving his clients and grow his practice. The boutique feel and personalized experience that Ron’s clients felt spread to other Advisors both locally and nationally and enabled the Firm to grow exponentially to this date. Each of these Advisors came to Caitlin John to be part of our independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm with their own individual brand they built in their local community. With that being said, Ron is proud to announce the Briggs Financial Group, Wealth Advisors (BFG) serving Ron’s personal clients across the US, with its national headquarters located in Brighton, Michigan.

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