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Life Settlement

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

What is Life Settlement?

Letting a policy expire means losing everything it is worth. Cashing it out often nets the policy holder very little money. A life settlement allows a policy holder to sell their policy for its true worth.

Life settlements are changing the way people view Life Insurance.

Are you eligible to sell your life insurance policy?


You're age 65 or older.

Younger policyowners may qualify if other factors are met.


You own a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more.

Most types of life insurance qualify, including universal life, whole life, variable life, survivorship, group life, and even term life.

Reasons to sell your life insurance policy.

Like many Americans, you purchased life insurance to protect your family or business. As circumstances change, however, so does your need for coverage. You may want to consider selling your life insurance policy if:


It is too expensive to maintain.

Consider a life settlement if your policy is no longer affordable due to increased premium payments.


Your term policy is expiring soon.

Avoid a lapse and make the most of your life insurance before your term policy expires.


You need help to pay for medical care.

Use a life settlement to help cover your immediate needs and alleviate the stress of medical expenses.


You want to increase your retirement funds.

Achieve peace of mind by selling your policy to boost your savings and supplement your income.


It's more life insurance than you need.

Retain a portion of your coverage and eliminate future premium payments with a Retained Death Benefit.

How Much Is My Life Insurance Policy Worth?

Your life insurance policy’s value depends on a few variables, including the size of your insurance policy, the type of policy you have, your policy’s premiums, and your health status.

Those who choose to sell their life insurance policy, also known as a life insurance buyout, receive an average of four times more than they would earn from surrendering their policy back to their insurance company.

How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy



First, we will need to know some basic policy and health information. You can provide this information by completing our online form or by calling us at (810) 522-6685 to speak with a policy specialist.


Document Submission & Review.

This portion of the process consists of signing an authorization that allows us to gather copies of your medical records and life insurance policy information.


Offer & Acceptance.

Once the value of your policy is determined, you may receive an offer from BFG Insurance Designers, our licensed life settlement provider. You can choose between selling your entire policy for cash or keeping part of your policy’s death benefit while eliminating future premium obligations.

Timing varies and depends on how long it takes to receive and evaluate your medical records, how soon you are able to sign and return documents, and how quickly your life insurance company transfers ownership.