“I had heard of Annuities before but didn’t know much about them. Once I downloaded and read these books, I knew a MYGA was a much better option for me than my Bank CD that I had for years. My only regret is I wish I knew earlier!” – Cindy W.

Did You Know?

A MYGA could double your interest rate when switching from a traditional Bank CD!

In our “MYGAs – Are They Right For You?” guide book we cover:

  • What is a MYGA?
  • MYGAs VS CDs – What’s the difference?
  • How a MYGA could benefit you
  • Everything you should consider before purchasing a MYGA

In our “What is an Annuity and how does it work?” guide book we cover:

  • The different types of Annuities
  • How Annuities work
  • Benefits of investing in an Annuity
  • Is an Annuity right for you?

Why Should You Consider a MYGA over a Bank CD?

With the Federal Reserve Bank saying that interest rates will likely stay near zero at least through 2022 amid COVID-19, Bank CDs will remain an extremely weak interest bearing account.

5 year CDs will be renewing between 1 and 1.3% and 1 year CDs renewing for even less! Wouldn’t it be great if there was an alternative option that could double your interest!

We have your solution!

We can provide you with 2, 3, or 5 year Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities that will be paying between 2 and 3.35%.

Make sure you capitalize on this interest increasing alternative to Bank CDs!

Watch Our Video Below To Learn More!

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