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Current MYGA Rate HIGH = 4.55% Return!

Who Should Utilize a MYGA?

Individuals who have liquid assets that they would like to earn a yield on without exposure to stock market risk.


Individuals who currently own or have thought about purchasing a Bank CD and would like to put their money to work.

Here Are Some Of The Top MYGA Benefits!

Higher Annual Yield

If you find the yield on assets such as Bank CDs to be disappointing, MYGA’s often deliver higher returns. This makes for a happy customer!

Liquidity Flexibility

It’s your cash and you may need it now! Most MYGAs provide penalty free withdrawals, Bank CDs do not. 

Better Economics

Unlike other conservative assets such as Bank CDs, MYGAs traditionally deliver greater economic value with compounding, tax deferred interest. 

Lifetime Income

Put your money to work in a real way with MYGA options offering Lifetime Income options. You won’t get this with a Bank CD!

Peace of Mind Security

Looking for performance without being exposed to market risk? No problem, since MYGAs have fixed rates of return you can sleep well at night knowing your money is safe!

Current MYGA Rate HIGH = 4.55% Return!

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